WHAT'S NEW... Part Two!!!


  • You thought we forgot about classic albums fans? Naaah... Busy though we are, we have 5 new titles for ya. Two from the NWOBHM 7 inch column first, with NUTHIN FANCY "Lookin' For A Good Time" and MOBY DICK "Can't Have My Body Tonight." Heavy thrash from INFECTED "Dark Century," and STREETFIGHTER "Shoot You Down!" Finally, an 80's metal band from Iceland! And there ain't many of those, this one is BOOTLEGS "W.C. Monster." Enjoy and look for more soon!!!

  • A nice tribute here, since the radio show is 2 years old, we decided to rebroadcast IN IT'S ENTIRETY, The VERY first ever Doom radio show, back when we had our co-host Chris Miller... (We explain the discrepancies over the first incarnation and the second incarnation, which you'll hear before the show starts). Thanks again to all my readers, listeners, and especially Chris Miller, whose vision started this thing.... We have other early shows too that will be rebroadcast in the near future...

  • No April fool's joke here, but 5 new titles, some newly remastered stuff 'n' what not... Anyway... First up, a 7 inch from SWEDEN!! What, you thought the U.K. was the only one to do NWOBHM 7 inches? This comes courtesy of ADVENTURE "Destiny." The lone EP today from Sweden's own DAMIEN "Requiem For The Dead." Q5 "Steel The Light" is long overdue, and a thrashy number from CHARGED "In Vice." Finally, an album I had only read about on one site and FINALLY tracked down, ROAD "Breaking Out." Enjoyeeee!!
  • As a side note, some of you may have noticed a downtime on the site the last weekend in March. Suffice it to say that the website's physical location moved from Kentucky to up north, and the servers are a LOT faster! You'll noticed this right away when listening to the RealAudio clips and streaming the radio show! IX Webhosting is AWESOME!!!


  • WOW! No wonder people thought the site was dead! (of course, if you've kept up with DOOM RADIO every week, you'd know better). Well, after a VERY long 3 month delay, it's finally here...
    ISSUE #46 IS FINALLY, FINALLY OUT!! All respective soundfiles for this issue are up and running as well. Thanks for your patience.
  • Oh yea, and happy fucking new year!!!

  • Five new titles, while we are finalizing our move to another location. (Magazine's P.O. Box will remain the same.) The lone EP tonight completes our OSTROGOTH collection: "Full Moon's Eyes." A 7 inch from KEEN HUE "One Of Two," and the rest full lengths: FUCK OFF "Another Sacrifice" (cool name for a band, eh?), PAIN "Insanity," and CORPUS VILE "What Does It Take." Enjoy!

  • Added 5 new titles tonight.... INTRINSIC "Intrinsic," HERO "Hero," STORMTROOPER (U.K.) "Pride Before A Fall" (a nice NWOBHM 7 inch), LANADRID "Sister Alley," and a very old excursion into a metal band's earliest history: Our 5th title from Germany's MASS "Back To The Music." There's some metal elements present (check out the lyrics on 'Devil Song!') but this particular title goes all the way back to 1977!! On this title, not sure if a 10th song is missing or if it's a misprint, so if anyone has this album please confirm whether it's really 9 or 10 songs. My contacts all say there's no 10th song, so could be a misprint in the metal archives.
  • I am currently moving operations, so I am not sure between now and the beginning to middle of November how frequent the radio shows will be. I've only been given 30 days to find a new home, so donations are going to be extremely helpful! Thanks to everyone for their support and help, there should, however, be a new radio show up by Sunday's end...

  • Some new titles in the classic albums section.... EMERALD (HOL) "Down Town," HAMMERSCHMITT "Hammerschmitt," WEAPON "Weapon" and LAAZ ROCKIT "Annihilation Principle" (a title that has been asked about repeatedly!) The lone EP tonight is from ROLLERBALL "Outlast The Game."
  • We put all the news prior to 2007 on a separate page. Some entries were deleted, but we always keep the date each issue was released, as well as other important noteworthy items.... Trying to clean up clutter!!!!

  • And the delays are over friends... ISSUE #45 IS FINALLY OUT!!! All respective soundfiles for this issue are up and checked! Only a month long delay this time... :)
  • There will be no radio show today, sorry for the late announcement but finishing this issue took almost the ENTIRE three days off for me!
  • There's a few changes to the site you may notice. We got rid of the red text links in the soundfiles page, and we're considered doing the same with the classic albums section as well. Also, if you didn't notice from the header of the new issue, ALL soundfiles for CD's reviewed are now 4 minutes in length rather than the years old standard of 3 minutes and 20 seconds. A damn near necessity in a day and age where bands LOVE the 10 minute song!

  • 5 new titles this morning, right before we upload a new edition of DOOM RADIO: CALDERONE "Calderone" is the lone EP tonight. Longplayers from VIVA "What The Hell Is Going On," SACRILEGE "Turn Back Trilobite," THE NINJA "Warriors Of Rock," and a much sought after and requested title: DWARR "Animals" from South Carolina of all places! Their second full length and a bit strange. Enjoy!
  • On a side note, Friday night marked the first time Vibrations Of Doom EVER OPENED the WREKage show here in Atlanta. For 2 hours we controlled the boards through automation, so go check THAT out on their website: http://www.wrekage.org It was a lot of fun and we hope to be doing MORE hosting at the radio station! Be quick though, as the link will disappear this coming Friday when a new show airs. We are considering re-broadcasting the WREKage show at a later date for DOOM Radio.

  • Happy birthday to me!! Okay, well, my birthday was yesterday, so I thought, gotta leave presents for everyone today! And these 5 classics are ALL new band entries for ya! (No "second albums,") These are bands that have NEVER appeared in the classic albums pages before!
  • Full lengths from MATAKOPAS "Coming Out Ahead" and ARYON "Rebels Of The Night," and some thrashy, heavier titles from Italy's FINGERNAILS "Fingernails" and Australia's RAMPAGE "Veil Of Mourn." I haven't done one in awhile, but the 5th title today is NWOBHM 7 inch from BUFFALO "Mean Machine." Enjoy! Look for more, yadda yadda yadda... :)
FRIDAY, MAY 25TH, 2007

  • Working feverishly on the next issue of the magazine (literally, as I've been sick all week) we decided to put up some more classics for ya. BISCAYA "Biscaya," HUNTER "Keep The Change," Italy's CROSSBONES "Crossbones," NO MERCY "No Mercy" and mega thanks to the guys at Total Recall Music over in Germany for their help in finding the album covers to LIFE "German Heavy Rock." We would have never found covers had it not been for them, and they also carry some 80's metal as well... SO, visit them at http://www.totalrecallmusic.com!

  • You wanna see a kick fucking ass update tonight? Well, here it is, let's see how many of these bands you know! (Besides the obvious one of course). FAITHFUL BREATH of course you know, but many have NOT heard their 1978 release "Back On My Hill," one of the first for them to go in a heavier, more rock oriented direction (and yes, we ALSO have their "Rock Lions" title too!) and it kicks ass! More like a heavier Jethro Tull I guess... Alright, see if you know about these: THUNDERSTORM "S.N.A.F.U." (featuring members from, get this, Expect No Mercy, Saxon and Paul Dianno!), SPITFIRE (Italy) "Blade Runner," METALWOLF "Down To The Wire," and the extremely rare CRYSYS "Hard As A Rock." Alright, maybe you never heard OF them but now you can HEAR them!!! GO LISTEN ALREADY! Now that the magazine's out and done, expect more insanely rare and unknown stuff like this! Here's a hint: Coming up soon is another MX album, Mad Dog, Godzilla, Gauntlet, Harlet, Vicious Rumors, Sabbat (yeah, we announced it before), and Megattack.... STAY TUNED.

  • Well, finally after the delays, here it is....
  • ISSUE #44 IS FINALLY OUT! As you also are probably aware, ALL the soundfiles that correspond with our reviews in this issue have been checked and are ready to go! SO: If you like a band you're reading the review on, then by all means, listen to the 4 or 5 songs digitized for ya in the soundfiles page! And we also keep last month's soundfiles hosted as well... TOO MUCH MUSIC TO LISTEN TO, RIGHT? See ya soon for a classic albums update...

  • FIRST OFF, before we talk about actual classic albums updates... I have hosted (not GUEST hosted) WREKage TWICE now. So for about an hour and 45 minutes, I have controlled the board down at WREK. Check the January 27th and the February 17th playlists at http://wrekage.org. And I forgot to mention this, but thanks to Mitch at WREK, for not only allowing me to host, but it was his hours of hard work and trying to familiarize himself with a vicious sound program that resulted in me getting HARLEQUYN "Order Of The Golden Dawn" transferred from vinyl to CDR! Mitch went ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty, and we are forever greatful.
  • NOW: FIVE new titles in the classic albums section tonight, mostly EP's. CROWLEY "The Scream Of Death," SUNSET "Forgotten Kingdom," and AXATAK "Axatak." Full length from BLIZARD "Blizard Of Wizard" from Japan, and a title I have spent MONTHS trying to track down. Killer thrash from MERSINARY "Dead Is Dead," and thanks to Master88 from the Soulseek network for help with this!!!

  • FIVE new updates for tonight, some of which need a bit of explanation... First off FAITHFUL BREATH "Fading Beauty." Recorded in 1973, this now marks the oldest title in the classic albums section. I know it's not metal, not even hard rock, but it IS one of the first recordings from the band who later gave us Viking rock classics like "Gold 'N' Glory" and "Skol." It's a part of their history, which is why it's in here. We figured people would be curious about their earliest of beginnings. And F.Y.I., we actually dig the record, with the cool mellotrons and keyboards. (well, what passed for keyboards in the 70's).
  • Next up HARLEQUYN "The Order Of The Golden Dawn." I've heard this thing described as psychedelic, space rock and glam. It sounds to me like a somewhat glam hard rock/melodic metal. I dunno. But it is rare, and I know it's on people's lists, so it's up there. I actually BOUGHT this on vinyl on ebay from the U.K., and the postage was more than the record costs!
  • Okay, last three titles: KILL VAN KULL "Eye Of The Storm," the ever elusive RAY GUNN "Ray Gunn," and a title I have been tracking down for a LONG time now! (Three copies I got of this record were all scratchy and skipped): TALON "Never Look Back." THIS album was definitely worth the wait, it kicks ass!!! More to come sewn...

  • Classic albums update coming later... Right now, I decided to put the Sunday edition of the radio show on a day early... Why? Well, because... Fuck Valentine's Day! That's why... :) Yep, it's our special, hate filled, sick, blackened edition, so if you're looking for a pick-me-up for the upcoming commercial pick pocket fest, here ya go....
  • Okay, it's later... :) 5 new classics on the site today: AVENGER "Blood Sports," LABYRINTH "So Wild," MALICE "Crazy In The Night," STORMWAVE "Heroes Of The Night," and another ZERO NINE album "Visions, Scenes And Dreams." Enjoy!

  • Well, besides weekly (somewhat) radio shows, tonight's update is about what it usually is: 5 new classics... (yay). :) Tonight, some ultra rarities plus some stuff ya know already. TYRANT "Running Hot" completes the list of 80's titles for the German powerhouse. Next up, HELLBASTARD with the only EP tonight, "They Brought Death" (And yes, we DO have their fulllength "Heading For Internal Darkness." Worry not.) Finally, some really cool & rare stuff.... Thanks to my friend in the band Razorfist (Mr. Kazuboski to you all) for KEEN HUE "Ogre King." A cool title! Vaggelis brings us U8 "Pegasus 1001," and a real rarity (only heard about through a Japanese site), once again thanks to Vaggelis for NATION "Ride On." MORE to come soon... Stay tuned...

  • Five newbies enter the circle tonight... Full lengths from AXTION "Look Out For The Night," the ridiculously long titled EXPECT NO MERCY "Watch Your Ears And Save Your Necks, We are Back To Our Second Attack" and believe me, we're NOT writing the whole title on the site! Oh yeah, the quirky slash heavily influenced by Watchtower band SIEGES EVEN "Life Cycle," an ultra rare one from LAZY "Creature," and one of the coolest blackened-like thrash EP's in Japan's ZADKIEL "Hell's Bomber!" What is it about Japanese metal bands that do killer 80's metal? (Well, except for that Loudness thing...) Anyway, more to come soon, like, duh right? Like what?
  • Hmmm... Well, like another CROWLEY release, KEEN HUE "Ogre King," KILL VAN KULL, SABBAT, HELLBASTARD, BLIZARD, STRIKEMASTER, VICIOUS RUMORS, STORMWAVE, NATION, U8, SUNSET, STRYKEN, AXATAK, SPITFIRE, another ZERO NINE album, LABYRINTH, and maybe another rare MASS album! You never know WHAT we'll pull out of our collective steel helmets!!!

  • Added 5 new titles tonight, AND put the Sunday edition of the radio show on a bit early. All longplayers tonight, featuring EPSYLON "Second Round," MARSHALL LAW "Marshall Law," PHILADELPHIA "Search And Destroy," TRASH "Watch Out," and VANEXA "Vanexa."

  • HAPPY FREAKIN' NEW YEAR! Sorry the announcement comes ten days into the new year, but more on that later. FINALLY an update for tha classics, SIX new titles tonite... TWO are ultra unknowns, U4EA "A Power Greater Than Ourselves," and NEXUS "Gonna Find Out." The rest? CHAINSAW "Massacre" (the lone EP/7 inch), SIREN "No Place Like Home," BLOWIN FREE "The Knife And The Floosie," and HIGH TENSION "Under Tension!" Enjoy!
  • No radio show for two weeks and no site update? Well, our internet connection has been down... Adelphia, excuse me, NOW Comcast, is going to be unable to provide us with high speed.... We're enjoying our cable modem temporarily, but it will be down by the week's end. SO, I made sure to do all I can before that happens. HOPEFULLY we'll be running Bell South's DSL service by next week so we can at least provide a new radio show! Thanks for sticking with us!

  • Christmas eve, everyone!!! There's a new DOOM RADIO special christmas show online tonight! Visits are paid to us from John Valby, a host of others, the Crypt Keeper from Tales From The Crypt, oh yeah, and Beavis And Butthead!!
  • Due to a server configuration error, which we will investigate soon, there will only be TWO radio shows kept online at all times, until further notice.

  • SIX new titles for ya, an early christmas present (since it is right around the corner.) Five full lengths are: AXE WITCH "Hooked On High Heels," ESTIGIA "Insubmission," LAWLESSNESS "On The Run," SIXTY NINE "Just For The Fun," and one of the rarest around: PHILADELPHIA "Tell The Truth." The lone 7 inch (from Japan of all places) is DEMENTIA "Struggle For Rebel." Enjoy!
  • We'll try to have a new radio show out Sunday... Christmas style, of course, with some choice cuts from the Tales From The Crypt "Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas."

  • Three titles are OFF the compilation list... The two Damien titles and Morbid Saint "Spectrum Of Death" are unavailable for MP3 compilations and CDR donations. However, we here FULLY support these artists getting paid, as well as the right for someone to legally and properly distribute these.... Website links have been added to these three titles so you can legally purchase these from their respective labels.

  • Yeppers, six new ones tonight.... a 7 inch NWOBHM title MITHRANDIR "Dreamers Of Fortune." EP from TAKASHI "Kamikaze Killers." The rest are longplayers, with BEAST "The Letter," VANEXA "Back From The Ruins," HIGH TENSION "Warrior," and finally CRUELLA "Vengeance Is Mine," which was a difficult title to fix up as there were MANY different track listings on the net! BUT, we try to stay as close to the vinyl issue as possible!!!

  • Allright, you supposed 80's metal brainiacs... Here's 5 new titles tonight I bet you never heard of... ACER FURY "Crazy King" is the lone 7 inch tonight, the rest are longplayers. DEAD ON "Dead On," SIREN "Financial Suicide," NWOBHM type GLASGOW "Zero Four One" and finally, this band features a young Mike Portnoy on drums before he joined Dream Theater: RISING POWER "Power For The People." Stick THAT in the side pocket of your leather jacket!!!! Enjoy guys/gals....

  • You know what an update USUALLY means... Tonite, SIX new titles up in the classics!! Longplayers from LIONS PRIDE "Breaking Out," PILEDRIVER "Stay Ugly," THE BEAST "Carnival Of Souls" and HELSTAR "Burning Star." The lone EP comes from CUTTY SARK "Hardrock Power" and the lone 7 inch from BAD LIZARD "Hot Girl." Seeeeeeee ya!

  • Happy turkey day! Unfortunately for me, I don't have any family to celebrate it with up here, but nonetheless I decided to give something to my extended metal family: SIX new titles in the classics section... ACE LANE "See You In Heaven," RUMBLE MILITIA "En Nombre Del Ley," STRANA OFFICINA "Rock 'N' Roll Prisoners," VIPER "Theatre Of Fate," ZERO NINE "Headline," and one of the rarest EP's around: RUN AFTER TO "Run After To." Gobble gobble!!!

  • Well, you all know what another update USUALLY means... SIX classics tonight. Longplayers (actually, 10 song albums) from BEAST "Like Living In A Cage," MP "Get It Now," DIONYSUS "Legend Of Darkness," and HARDLINE "Hardline." A six songer from CROWLEY "Whisper Of The Evil" and 2 song 7 inch from TREASURE "Women In Black" are your metal fixin's tonight.... Enjoy!

  • And five new ones this week, 4 albums and an EP. The lone EP is from ANIALATOR "Anialator." Longplayers include EXPECT NO MERCY "Steelbreed," RUMBLE MILITIA "Fuck Off Commercial," VICE HUMAN "Vice Human," and a letter that is seldom updated and hard to find band names for: The letter 'Z' with ZERO NINE "Blank Verse."

  • FIVE new titles this morning... BLACKKOUT "Ignorance Of Man" (I wish my HTML skills were better at formatting this many songs with the pic, but this is the best I could do... for now), HAMMERHAWK "Break Loose," DISCIPLES OF POWER "Powertrap," MASS "Angel Power" and TREDEGAR "Tredegar." Enjoy!

  • Even though we didn't do a radio show Sunday night (or the week before for that matter), we have a special Halloween edition of the radio show online now!!! Happy Hell-o-ween!!!

  • Added SIX new classics tonite. Two EP's from PROTECTED ILLUSION "Swimming In The Moonlight" and STRANA OFFICINA "The Ritual." Longplayers tonight from ALASTOR "Syndroms Of The Cities," RISK "Hell's Animals," and GRUDGE "Barbarians Of The New Earth." Long album titles tonight! The lone 7 inch is from URCHIN "She's A Roller," from 1978 no less!!! Much more to come, happy halloween.

  • An amazing discovery hit me when I searched the Forgotten Steel online shop: They actually had some album covers I was desperately needing, and in high quality too! We've replaced covers for NIGHTPROWLER, RAVAGE, and NYTEMARE and more are on the way! Look out for another classic albums update before the month's end (maybe 2) and hopefully a new Halloween edition of DOOM RADIO


  • A bit late, but finally... ISSUE #43 IS FINALLY OUT! All respective soundfiles for this issue are also up and hopefully error free and ready to go! More stuff coming soon, and we'll be working on more classic albums!

  • Added a new DOOM radio show tonight... We also say goodbye to Jon Nodtveidt, frontman and founder of Dissection, who decided to end his own life in the manner of his choosing. We respect his decision and dedicate this show tonight to his earliest of works, so enjoy. Jon, your entire body of work is commendable, and we hail and salute you. May your battles always be glorious and may your blackened star shine eternally bright in the Northern sky.
  • And tonight, a page that rarely sees an update, but THIS is an important one!! LEGEND "From The Fjords" lyric sheets are NOW ONLINE!!! Yes, we got the ORIGINAL scans of the lyrics from Fred Melillo tonight, and the long awaited lyrics from the ORIGINAL PRESSING are here! They will soon also be uploaded to the Encyclopedia Metallium as well... Thanks for your patience!
  • We couldn't sit at the 1,000 mark forever!! SIX new titles today: DESTINY "Beyond All Sense," LESE MAJESTY "Surviving" (from the coveted Iron Works label) and OUTSIDE "Magic Sacrifice" (cool cover!) are the longplayers tonight. It's the EP's that steal the show tonight, especially with the rare and coveted JEWEL "La Morta," one that's been requested by several readers, STONEFIELD "The Eyes Of The Dawn," and NWOBHM 7 inch XERO "Oh Baby." Expect to hear some of these on Sunday night's radio show in clear quality!

  • We added a new feature to the website. Since we have so many issues, the whole format for back issues has changed. From now on, only the most current issue will be obtainable from the main page. The back issues are on their own seperate page, and also EACH issue link shows you the name of EVERY band interviewed in that particular issue! Joy!
  • We're still working on the next issue. Hopefully this newest issue will be released by the end of August.

  • A bit of date discrepancy, but nonetheless, our special radio show tonight which features ONLY music that can be found in the classic albums section! Some nice surprises to be found as well! If you want to hear exactly how we do these vinyl conversions to get them so clean, this is the show to listen out for! Included in our playlists is the 1,000th album to be featured on the site, along with a track from LEGEND, RUNNING WILD, EXPLODER, PREDATUR, DARKNESS, CHINA DOLL, RADIUM and so much more!! ENJOY!! And thanks for sticking around and supporting us!

  • Yes, that's right, we have reached a milestone! Tonight: AIRDASH "Thank God It's Monday," a request from our friend over in Libya WITCHFINDER GENERAL "Friends Of Hell," the ULTRA rare RADIUM "Through The Smoke" EP, just as rare U.S. PARIAH "Take A Walk," and our officially numbered 1,000th title is CIRITH UNGOL "One Foot In Hell"
  • WE ARE CELEBRATING!!! That's right, listen in to WREK FM, 91.1 in Atlanta (live or at their website http://www.wrekage.org as we hopefully will get our own timeslot this Friday night and play NOTHING but 80's metal all the way through! ALSO, our Sunday night DOOM RADIO show will be a 2 hour extravaganza featuring NOTHING but 80's metal!! If you have requests for EITHER of these shows, EMAIL ME NOW!!! We will get as many requests as we are able, but email them soon!!!

  • FIVE new titles tonight! Ultra rare ones as well!! WHITE HELL "Lucifer," a rare record indeed! A funny but cool NWOBHM styled EP ORAL SEX "Oral Sex." Wouldn't mind those ladies on the cover... well, you know. :) Next up, the rare UNREAL TERROR full length "Hard Incursion," CARRIE "Secrets" and finally ATTIKA "Attika."
  • FIVE MORE TITLES AWAY FROM 1,000!! Our next update, hopefully this week, will see some celebrating, hopefully with a bash at WREK FM, 91.1, so tune in to THAT station as we'll be playing NOTHING but 80's metal rarities! If you miss the show, you can always pick it up for up to a week afterwards on their website at: http://www.wrekage.org!!!
  • Special thanks to some users of a good filesharing program, like Master88, 221178, and HeavyArtillery! They supplied me with MANY titles that I've been desperately seeking...
  • Here's a small list of what we'll be working on in the weeks and months ahead: PARIAH "Take A Walk," OUTSIDE "Magic Sacrifice," MAD BUTCHER "Metal Meat," MAY-LINN "May-Linn," SOILENT GREEN "Processed Humanity," MANIMALS "Blood Is The Harvest," ZADKIEL "Hell's Bomber," ZENITH "Prisoner," RADIUM "Through The Smoke," TORMENT "Bestial Sex," STONEFIELD "The Eyes Of The Dawn," RAVENS "Get It Together," RANKELSON "The Bastards Of Rock And Roll," STRIKEMASTER "Good 'N' Ready," RUMBLE MILITIA "En Nombre Del Ley," SABOTAGE "Hoka Hey," MAMMOTH "Mammoth," GROUND ZERO "Etherealize," FAITH "Hymn Of The Sinner," SIEGES EVEN "Life Cycle," ANA BLACK "She's A Tease," ACID STORM "Why... Dirty War," and you think we're gonna run out of titles soon, YOU GOT ANOTHER THINK COMING!!!

  • A new radio show!!! Sorry about no show for two weeks, but our co-host has returned, no telling how long tho! We're planning for some good stuff in the week!

  • Sorry about the lack of a radio show this past weekend. My electricity went out on me for three days, and my internet service was out for even longer. However, as a reward to our faithful...
  • HOLY SHIT!! Have we gone nuts or what? This time we add SEVEN, yes SEVEN new titles to the site! Here's to those who missed the radio show this weekend (and I got a LOT of emails about it!) SO: Here for your pleasure, and trying to claw our way up to 1,000 titles, we offer: AKILLA "The Cursed," BLOOD MONEY'S second and very cool album "Battlescarred," FURY "Fury," CRISIS "Armed To The Teeth," JINX "Stand Up For Rock 'N' Roll Power," MAD AXEMAN "Mad Axeman," and WITCHES HAMMER "Witches Hammer."
  • Now, I know no one is going to believe me when I say this was unintentionally done, BUT: THREE of the titles in today's classic albums update have only six songs each. Six, Six, Six... :) See a pattern here?
  • One more thing, for those asking about the WREK FM 91.1 radio station here in Atlanta, YES. On 06/06/06, they WILL be doing a 24 hour metal marathon. Yours truly has been confirmed as a DJ and I will apparently be playing from 3 AM until 4:30 Eastern Standard Time... Maybe longer depending on how things goes... Thanks to all for the support!

  • New classic albums update!! DAVE FEINSTEIN "Midnight Lady" (he's related to Ronnie James Dio, has a metal band called Feinstein, and also played with Dio in Elf), FAITHFUL BREATH "Hard Breath," SACRED CHAO (the band that Living Death became when it broke up), NO TROUBLE "Looking For Trouble," NOT FRAGILE "Who Dares Wins," and an unknown EP from RYCHUS SYN "Rychus Syn." Keep it tuned in for much more classic wise!
  • We've announced it on the radio show but it bears repeating: On that holiest of days, June 6, 2006, (06/06/06) WREK FM, 91.1 in Atlanta will do a metal show for 24, that's right TWENTY FOUR HOURS! Yours truly has been offered a time slot of two or three hours, possibly more... SO, I will be on air by myself playing as much as I can fill in a timeslot! More details as they become available, including the time I will be on.

  • Well, it's been damn long enough, hasn't it?
  • ISSUE #42 IS FINALLY OUT!!! All respective soundfiles for this issue are up as well... Enjoy! There's NINE interviews this issue, ranging from Mourning Beloveth, Aphotic, Bolt Thrower, Scott Reeder, Tyranny, Leaves Eyes and The Unquiet Void. Everything checks out A.O.K.! It's our first issue at our new home.
  • Because of the lateness in getting this issue out, there will be no radio show tonight. We may have a late edition during the week, or we may just wait until next weekend. Expect some new classic albums in the days ahead.

  • It's been awhile since there's been any new announcements, but we have, after over 3 years now, rebirthed DOOM RADIO!! Hopefully this will be a weekly thing, and it's in streaming MP3 quality, so it'll be worth listening to! Since the server we're on gives us plenty of bandwidth and storage space, we decided to finally do this up right!! New shows will hopefully debut every week.

  • WELCOME TO OUR NEW HOME!!! Yes, that's right, we have left the problematic and unsympathetic, uncaring bastards at dot5hosting in the dust. FINALLY after 4 years of mismanagement, incompetence and a general lack of concern for their customers, we have FINALLY been able to jump ship to a MUCH faster server... The nameservers were propagated in less than 5 hours no less, leaving some of this site a bit incomplete... (I was not expecting the move to happen so quickly!) Thanks go to IX Hosting for their speed and their generosity with our site! Check out what we have to offer now... 20 GIGS of hard drive space, that's DOUBLE what dot5 offered us, PLUS more bandwidth at half the cost!! We have a LOT of plans in store for you, including the triumphant return of Doom Radio! STAY TUNED, and check out all that IX Hosting has to offer!! Their pricing is unbelievable, and their service is second to none... I did a LOT of homework before I decided to sign with them, and so far everything has gone way better than I expected!
  • So far it's only the classic albums section that is not 100 percent complete, but it WILL be before the dawn of a new day... And then the updating will continue en masse... :) Thanks to everyone who supported, helped and stood by me... And thanks for the emails from quite a few readers who helped me decide on a new hosting company.

  • After over 3 months delay and a massive hard drive failure, we can finally say....
  • ISSUE #41 IS FINALLY OUT! All respective soundfiles for this issue are up, all checked and working perfectly. Enjoy!
  • As you may know, we are taking AT LEAST a two or three month sabbatical from magazine stuff, so that means a new issue won't be ready to go until AT LEAST February or March of 2006. Don't worry, though, as we will STILL listen to new stuff that comes in and prepare for a massive issue #42. The classic albums section WILL continue to get updated on a regular basis, however... Thanks for your support and time...

  • I know many of you thought this day would never arrive, and amidst no fanfare or announcements...
  • ISSUE #40 IS FINALLY OUT!!!All respective soundfiles for this issue are up, verified and running properly! We have changed the text color of the magazine as well, if you like this change from green, PLEASE LET US KNOW!! We are considering changing all of the back issues to this color, which is seemingly neither too bright nor too dull...

  • Muuuhaaa haa haa! We've reached the "magical number" of 666 albums tonight!! And we did it naturally... :> Anyway, tonight it's a super heavy thrash assault... First up, ATLAIN "G.O.E." (some call this "Guardians Of Eternity," but we go by what's on the front album cover). And no, that's NOT a misprint, it's DISSECTION "Final Genocide." THIS band hails from Canada, not the black metal band everyone knows (and loves, right?) EVIL SINNER "Evil Sinner" and LIVING DEATH "Back To The Weapons" round out the brutal thrash assault, and finally from down under (Australia for you blokes) it's TRILOGY "Life On Earth."
  • The magazine, sadly, is being delayed yet again... We're still waiting on several interviews to come back through email and we're short on reviews... Hopefully only another week or two... Hang in there!

  • As many of you probably thought it would never happen, though it did... ISSUE #39 IS FINALLY OUT!! All respective soundfiles for this issue are also done. Hopefully the next issue won't be friggin' four months late. HOPEFULLY the website won't ever go down again either... Enjoy!

  • Many of you have probably already read this on blabbermouth.net, and I'm sorry to bring you details of it rather late, but I have been devastated over this for quite a few days now. As many of you know, or knew, I was the lead singer for Hallows Eve, a gig that lasted around 4 months. That job has sadly come to an end. I had to make a difficult decision over what to write, as the decision to be ousted from the band was definitely NOT my own. I feel like I have let Hallows Eve fans down and I feel like I have let myself down for not being able to complete my dream to give the fans who long to hear Hallows Eve again the sound they wanted. Regardless of that fact, the cut 'n' paste job from blabbermouth.net is on the title page of the website for you all to read... Thanks again for your dedication and support, which means a lot more to me now than it eve has (which has ALWAYS been alot).

  • Do you believe in numerology? Even in Europe, today is 04/04/04!! And on that note, a special event happens today: The classic album section get's it's 500th album! The album in question is a very rare one I have been tracking down for some time, thanks to the owner of the Metal Chamber web site: PHOENIX RISING "Phoenix Rising." The other 3 albums in question going along with this are MAD REIGN "Mad Reign," CLOVEN HOOF "A Sultan's Ransom" and EXPLORER "Exploding." Hopefully we'll be along to bring you 500 more!

  • Well, that LATE day hath finally arrived...ISSUE #38 IS FINALLY OUT! We're going to keep rolling along, actually we've already started work on the next issue, but the next release date will be 3 months from March 13th, so we're pushing back the release date by a month. AGAIN...
  • All soundfiles are not yet up, but we're working on them. Hopefully they're up and running by the day's end (keep in mind also I have band practice today, so Hallows Eve can near completion).
  • Okay, we finished them... All soundfiles (save for one album, which kinda sucked anyway) are online. We'll probably do the Circle soundfiles tomorrow, I'm goddamn tired!!
  • *YAWN* woke up and had a few hours before band practice... So here ya go! 4 new classics out now: ATTACK "Destinies Of War," DUM DUM BULLET "Dum Dum Bullet," EXCITER "Heavy Metal Maniac," and VOLTZ "Knight's Fall." Voltz is one 'o them really rare NWOBHM records and Dum Dum Bullet is a Dan Edman thing... Injoeee!

  • Issue #38 is right around the corner, due to trades and donations I have been processing, though, the issue may be sizably late.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL people who are interested in donating, PLEASE READ the "how to get 80's metal CD's" section AGAIN! And for those who need immediate clarifying: WE DO NOT "SELL" THESE ALBUMS. We are making them available FREE as gifts for people who donate to help pay for the costs involved in running the site. This is EXTREMELY important that people understand this....

  • ISSUE #37 IS NOW OUT!!! Amidst little fanfare, and lots of LATE work, this thing is only 4 days late. Maybe the 13th isn't such a lucky number for me anymore.
  • All respective soundfiles for issue #37 are also online, and all are verified working properly. Enjoy!! Any comments or notes, please drop me some ee-eeee-mail!

  • I Did something tonight I have been meaning to do since I moved to the Atlanta area: Visit 91.1 FM, AKA WREK radio (which is the only radio station in Atlanta that plays REAL metal). I did two guest spots tonight, and those will be uploaded as clips just for people to check out. Even if you don't live in Atlanta, you can check out the show by going to www.wrekage.org. They do a show every Friday night from 10 PM until like 3 or 4 AM, and you can listen to the ENTIRE show any time or day of the week, as they keep each show until the next one comes out. For the record, Vibrations of Doom played Pentagram, Usurper, and Bloodsrit. The show is great, you can hear death, black and power metal, and they have been playing a TON of 80's thrash, speed and power metal (look at the playlists if you don't believe me).

  • Yep, you guessed it... 4 more classics today. Most of these are titles I got from Sascha Glaeser that I never put up: STEEL WARRIORS "Steel Warriors" and "On The Road To Hell," a couple of rare EP's. FANTOM WARRIOR "Fantasy Or Reality," and VALHALLA "Valhalla." Actually, all these titles I got from Sascha. More to come soon, of course, of course...
  • I am rather sad to report that after winning their 12th division title in a row (which marks yet another year's increase in the record in ANY sport in history) the Atlanta Braves lost to the Chicago Cubs last night, 5 to 1. We thought those Braves, who set offensive records in every category this year, would have the firepower to take it to the World Series. Well, there's always next year, but congratulations anyway for another exciting year for my favorite alltime team.

  • The time has come... Yes it's late, by about 10 days, but... ISSUE #36 IS OUT!! And of course all respective soundfiles for this issue are up as well. By the way, please be sure and read the editorial notations this issue, there's a special feature for the Forest Stream soundfiles this issue. Thanks again for the support, and hope this issue was worth the wait.

  • Well, it finally happened, after an almost three week delay...
    ISSUE #35 IS NOW OUT!! All respective sound files for this issue are up and ready to go as well. We're already hard at work on the NEXT issue, so hopefully there will be no delays. A target date of August 13th is still set (every 3 months) so let's hope we can keep it!!

  • Just got back from the Deicide, Amon Amarth & Behemoth show. It was kick ass! Anyway, we have 4 new classics for you today: RUST "Shoot Them Higher," RIPPER "...And The Dead Shall Rise," BRAINFEVER "Capture The Night" and BITCHES SIN "Predator." Ripper is pretty spooky stuff, Rust is Greek metal and a request from one of our readers, while Brainfever and Bitches Sin both remind one of the NWOBHM sound, though BITCHES SIN starts out rather strange and bluesy. Enjoy! More coming soon.
  • My son turns 2 today. He was definitely born on a good day... Classic 80's metal dedicated to little William.

  • The day of rejoicing is at hand, for finally... ISSUE #34 IS OUT!! Of course, all respective sound files for this issue are also up. Sorry for the 1 month and 1 week delay.

  • Wel, this is what you all have been waiting for... ISSUE #33 IS NOW OUT! All respective soundfiles for this issue have been uploaded as well, of course. On time and ready to go!

  • Guess what time it is... ISSUE #32 IS NOW OUT! All soundfiles for this issue are also up. We got it out on time folks! We'll be adding classic albums too hopefully this week.
  • ISSUE #31 NOW OUT!All respective soundfiles for this issue are up and checked. Sorry the issue is a day late, but I wasn't satisfied with what I had Saturday night, right before I had to go to work, and I didn't want to rush an issue. Added were a few more CD reviews, and added a bit more to the Vesperian Sorrow interview. Okay, and I will admit, I didn't finish the Tad Morose interview!
  • Added a few more shows to the videotape list, a guy sent me a few new goodies that you might want to check out.
SUNDAY, JANUARY 13th, 2002

  • Happy 2002! Hope everyone's ready for the new year, 'cause we have a new years' gift foe ya
  • ISSUE #30 IS NOW OUT!!All soundfiles for this issue are up as well, and everything's on time!

  • ISSUE #29 IS OUT! As are all respective sound files for the issue. Don't forget the RealAudio files for the soundfiles section ONLY are now going to be done in RealAudio 5.0. Make sure ya have at least the RealPlayer 5.0. Maybe now I can get the next one out on time, this one was about two weeks late, but 3 days earlier than I had planned to have it out!

  • Added another classic album, this time it is one of the most influential doom bands around: SAINT VITUS "Hallow's Victim." Henry Rollins of Black Flag was so impressed that he insisted Vitus sign to his label! And they did for several releases. This is one of very few records that Wino didn't sing on, and a hard to get album that has only recently been reissued. The song 'War Is Our Destiny' was covered by Japanese doom metal masters Church Of Misery on their split with Sheavy, which you can read about in the reviews section of the magazine.
  • As a side note, the Saint Vitus album marks the 100th classic album to be added! May we be able to continue on for 100 more!

  • Well, it's been an amazing 4 or 5 years with Spree, but Vibrations of Doom Magazine will have to find a new home. And I think I have found a way to keep things going. Soon in the future you will see vibrationsofdoom.com. The web site will change, and I will let everyone know what and where it is when the time comes. Also will come the massive emails telling my linkers where to write the new link. In this era of the "freebies" going out the window, I just wonder how much longer the classic albums section will stay up!
  • Speaking of classic albums, enjoy HAWK. Their self titled debut album came out of nowhere in 1986 and is one of the most kick ass hard rock-heavy metal records I have recently heard! This stunning album has recently been reissued on CD, and I must say is highly enjoyable!

  • ISSUE #26 IS NOW OUT! Yeah, we know ya didn't believe we'd actually put this thing out on the day we said we would, but that just goes to show the power of the number 13! :> Best release date I ever chose. Everything's online and ready, including the soundfiles. Now, let's see if yer lazy Editor In Chief can do it again in April. (Which, incidentally, besides being the month my son is born, is also on a Friday! What a month April's going to be!)
  • ISSUES #6 AND #7 RECOVERED!! (notations deleted)